I am at a place in my life where I am compelled to focus on my creativity. Lately I have slowed down, and opened myself up to the world of materials. I have found new adventures in oil and cold wax.


My creative adventures began as a child. I loved to draw, and my mother bought shelf paper that she would unroll so that I could draw to my hearts content. As a young adult.... READ & SEE MORE.


Since moving to Black Mountain, NC  I have been inspired to explore oil and cold wax painting. I blend oil paint with cold wax and apply it in layers with a dough scrapper. As the wax hardens I can scratch, scrape and dig through the layers, creating lines, edges and textures. This exposes the layers of pigment and makes visible the build up of time inherent in the image.


I have a 'found objects' pile in my studio. These provisions of nature often call out to me, and become a part of the conversation I have with an image. I am always listening to what the image tells my body to do...use a hammer, sandpaper a surface, glide a smooth brush.


My images develop slowly. I revisit them many times, blending spontaneous responses to what is happening, with a contemplative internal dialogue. It often feels as if I am unwrapping a gift - one made of intuition, vision, dreams and whimsy. The challenge is to turn them loose before I have done too much!


When I finish a piece I am often surprised by what has transpired. In the process there is play, there is transformation, and there is a sense of being found. The journey captivates me. 

CLICK HERE to view the gallery LAYERED TIME.